Carl's Classics

Carl's Classics 1.51

14 Classic board games

Carl’s Classics is a set of all-time popular board games you can enjoy playing alone or against a friend. When you install this pack you get 14 classic games.

The featured games are: Chinese Checkers, Hex Puzzle, Make Five, Mini China, Puzzle, Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Pachisi, Memorize, Mosaic, Reversi and two kinds of crossword puzzles.

Carl’s Classics is suitable for all family members. You can choose to play against someone else on the same computer, by yourself or against the computer which can be set on different difficulty levels.

This game also supports internet connection if you wish to play with someone who is logged on to the web. Whatever your choice is, this game is a good way to relieve your mind of stressors for a minute.

You can relax playing old time games that will probably remind you of your childhood. Carl’s Classics provides a wide range of simple games that anyone can enjoy playing.

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Carl's Classics


Carl's Classics 1.51

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